One set has: 

1. 金瓜汁津白狮子头

Braised succulent Phuture meat ball with crispy sweet cabbages in rich creamy golden pumpkin paste sauce


2. 豉汁瓤煎三宝 (茄子、大红椒、苦瓜)

Pan fried stuffed three treasures (eggplant, red pepper and bittergourd) with minced phuture meat in black bean sauce


3. 素菇酱植物肉碎炸豆腐 (白豆腐)

Crispy deep fried tofu topped with minced phuture meat in mushroom paste sauce


4. 未来肉碎炸酱面 (面条)

Noodles with minced phuture meat in soy bean paste sauce


Vegan Set Menu

  • Made using Phuture meats!

    100% made from plants. Phuture Minced satisfies like real minced meat, and is also environmentally friendly!


    The ingredients are carefully selected for their nutritional value. Phuture Minced has all the nutrients that meat provides, such as essential amino acids, Vitamin B12 and Iron without the unhealthy high saturated fats, cholesterol and antibiotics.


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    Please order minimum 2 hours in advance for same day delivery.